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Fly Hogan Flying Service today, we cover all of your rental and training needs. Whether you want to complete your private, instrument, or commercial, or just want to rent an airplane, give us a call!

Written and Oral Tests

Hogan Flying Service prepares you for your written and oral tests, whether private, instrument, or commercial, and will prepare you to succeed not only for the tests, but in your aviation career. You can be confident in choosing to train with us!

Biannual Flight Review

Our instructors perform biannual flight reviews and ensure that you're a safe and competent pilot, as well as help you with any poor habits you might've developed over time. Schedule with an instructor now and stay current!

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Learn to fly with Hogan Flying Service and experience unprescedented training from our instructors. We train you in aircraft that have received meticulous maintenance so you can train with peace of mind. Schedule a Discovery Flight now and realize your dreams!

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We are professionals at preparing you for your careers and dreams inside the aviation world.

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Hogan Flying Service takes you from a zero-time pilot to a very experienced pilot through the course of your training, enabling you to excell above and beyond other training programs.

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Our instructors have years of experience in flying and maintaining airplanes, and will teach you the ropes of the aviation industry. Schedule a flight now and climb into your dreams!