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Scheduling Checklist

If you're a new student or are looking to book an airplane,
please call 513-939-4349.

Flight Plan

  • Have you checked the NOTAMs for KHAO and your destination?
  • Do you have a flight plan? If so, do you have alternate airports?
  • Have you double-checked your fuel calculations?
  • Do you have a credit card or debit card to buy fuel at your destination?
  • Are you filing a flight plan for this flight?
  • Do you have current sectional charts or Foreflight? Is your iPad charged?


  • Are you current in the airplane you wish to schedule?
  • Do you need any refresher training? Even if it's a lap around the patch?
  • Have you read over the Pilot's Operating Handbook?
  • Is the airplane within C.G. Operating Limits?
  • Is the airplane in an airworthy condition?
  • Remember to check oil-pressure and oil-temperature on start.

Your Responsibility

As pilot in command, it is your responsibility to ensure the safe operation of any aircraft you rent from Hogan Flying Service. You may not be impaired by alcohol or drugs, as per the FAR guidelines. If you see anything suspicious, alert Tom Hogan (513) 939-4349 or the local airport authorities and police. Remember to follow all rules and general information you learned during your training, especially airspace rules, and keep aviation fun!

Aircraft Safety

Poor pilot performance and preflight planning leads to disaster. Avoid any discrepencies and do the right thing - do your preflight, check the fuel, ensure all fluid caps are tight, inspect aircraft for damage, and be safe out there. Aviation is rewarding and dangerous: a simple check can be the difference between life and death.